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71-0-B100-A : Motor/Generator - 60W, 24Vdc-image

71-0-B100-A : Motor/Generator - 60W, 24Vdc

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Price: $1180 + freight & handling + GST

Note: for optimum performance at least one(1) Field Rheostat (1550-0-100R) should be purchased with this machine. 

24.0Vdc, 60W Motor or Generator – may be connected for shunt, Series or Compound operation, and Ward-Leonard speed control
dc Machine efficiency

This dc machine has eleven(11) leads terminated at the terminal box with 4mm diameter sockets enabling the machine to be externally connected as:

  1. Series Motor: 210204 W dc machine CCT Diag
  2. Shunt Motor:
    a. Self Excited; 210204 V dc machine CCT Diag
    b. Separately Excited: 210204 U dc machine CCT Diag
  3. Compound Motor:
    a. Cumulative Compound : (Long Shunt :210204 X dc machine CCT Diag )(Short Shunt :210204 Y dc machine CCT Diag)( Separately Excited :210204 Z dc machine CCT Diag)
    b. Differential Compound 130521-2-dc-machine-connections
  4. Series Generator:171111-B CCT Diag
  5. Shunt Generator:
    a. Self Excited :171111-A CCT Diag
    b. Separately Excited : 171111-D CCT Diag
  6. Compound Generator:
    a. Cumulative Compound : (Short Shunt : 171111-C CCT Diag)(Separately Excited : 171111-E CCT Diag)
    b. differential Compound
  7. “Ward-Leonard” Speed Control 120829 Circiut Diagram – Ward-Leonard
    Combining two dc machines, a prime mover motor (63-1-L8240-A) and the special field rheostat (2G25-0-300R) the Ward-Leonard method of speed control can be demonstrated.(refer above link)
  8. ac Universal/Series Motor: Universal ac Series Motor
    As the field iron circuit is fully laminated the machine can be connected, using 25% of the Series Field winding to demonstrate a single phase ac Series/Universal motor.
    i.e. the motor has the inherent ability to operate on either an ac or dc supply.
  9. HANDS-ON – Torque – Physical evaluation:
    With care, the relatively large outside diameter metal coupling (090202-14), attached to the motor’s output shaft, may be gripped by hand by the student in the stalled (locked-armature) position so that the student can physically feel the ‘very-high’ starting torque developed by dc motors, as predicted in the theory.
  10. Auxiliary Starting/Control Gear:
    2415-0-T001: 0>24V, 15A, dc Regulated Power Supply
    This is recommended minimum power supply for optimum performance in the dc motor mode.
    or an equivalent power supply of equal or greater output
    1550-0-100R: Shunt Field Rheostat
    Required to demonstrate the effect on the armature RPM by varying the shunt field current/flux in the motor  mode.

The motor is mounted on a specially designed Base Plate (090131-A) enabling it to be quickly clipped onto a specially designed Machine Bed Plate (091002-A) to drive, or be driven via a flexible Rubber Coupling (090128-3) another machine or load

The machine is fully compatible withe the former (3rd generation) Betts equipment

The performance of this machine is far superior and more versatile than its Betts predecessor.

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