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71-3-L004-A : Motor, 3 phase, 44W, 4 pole, 41.5Vac, 50Hz, SCIM-image

71-3-L004-A : Motor, 3 phase, 44W, 4 pole, 41.5Vac, 50Hz, SCIM

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Price $605 + Freight & handling + GST

This is a 3ph, 44W, 4 pole, 41.5 Vac, Delta connected(Δ), 50Hz, Squirrel Cage Induction Motor (SCIM)

The motor has six(6) leads terminated at the terminal box with 4mm diam. sockets enabling the motor to be externally connected for Star/Delta (Y/Δ) starting.


The motors designed low output of 44W enables the student to grip the shaft mounted metal coupling in their hand to stall (Locked-Rotor) the motor. This enables the student to physically feel the difference in torque between the Star(Y) and the delta(Δ) connection as predicted in the theory. i.e. T(star)= 1/3 T(d.o.l.(Δ))

In combination with the following auxiliary equipment all the various 3ph SCIM reduced voltage starting methods can be demonstrated

Voltage         Starter                Auxiliary        Transition
reduction                                  device
0%  (Full Voltage)  Direct-on-Line(DOL) 71-3-SD001 &/or 71-20-FRP001
50%      Auto Tx                     3P-3-100L      Open   CTT Transition Tx
50%      Korndorfer(Tx)         3P-3-100L      Closed CTT Transition Tx
58%      Star/Delta(Y/Δ)         71-3-SD001   Open   CCT Transition
58%      Wauchope(Y/Δ)        71-3-SD001   Closed CCT Transition
65%      Auto Tx                      3P-3-100L     Open   CCT Transition Tx
65%      Korndorfer(Tx)          3P-3-100L     Closed CCT Transition(Tx)
85%      Auto Tx                      3P-3-100L     Open CCT Transition(Tx)
85%      Korndorfer(Tx)          3P-3-100L     Closed CCT Transition(Tx)
85%      Primary Resistance  3R9-3-100R    Closed CCT Transition

Soft-Starter Product Code 6E003B2 (i.e. variable voltage control)
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Speed control Product Code 55-3-Z005  Sub & Super-Synchronous speed (i.e. variable frequency control)

DOL &/or Star Delta(open or closed transition) (Manual)  Product 71-3-SD001

DOL Reversing Starter(Manual):              Product 71-20-FRP001

Plug Braking Module(Manual):                Product 71-20-FRP001

Dynamic Braking Module (Automated):  Product 71-10-BD002

Dynamic Braking Module (Manual):      Product 71-20-BD100

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