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4210-3-SD002 : Power Supply - 3 Phase, 500VA, 415 / (0 > 41.5)Vac-image

4210-3-SD002 : Power Supply - 3 Phase, 500VA, 415 / (0 > 41.5)Vac

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Price: $4345.00

This is the same product as 4210-3-R001A but with a 3 phase variable output, and 10A. 3 pole, circuit breaker and 4mm terminals (3ph+N) fitted into the enclosure

Safety,  Earth Screened, Double Wound, Isolating Transformer Manufactured to AS/NZS 51558

Rating: 500VA
Input: 415 Vac, 3 phase, 3 wire (3ph+E), Delta(Δ) connected
Output: Variable 0>41.4/24.0 Vac, 3 phase, 4 wire (3ph+N), Star(Y) connected

These transformers are wound with three 415Vac Primary winding

connected in Delta(Δ) and their associated three Secondary 24Vac winding connected in Star(Y), i.e. Delta/Star(ΔY) configuration

The 240 Vac Star/24 Vac Star. i.e.Star/Star (YY) configuration is NOT recommended. This will produce internal harmonics and unbalanced secondary output voltages under load.  This in turn will produce non-repeatable student test readings and results

The transformer is supplied in a sheet-metal, powder coated, enclosure

Input is to be hard wired to internal primary terminals

The unit comes supplied with the output 10A, 3 pole, circuit breaker and four 4mm diam binding posts (3ph+N) fitted into the metal enclosure

To limit the voltage drop (under load) it is recommended to install one(1) only 500VA transformer per work station

The use of one large VA master transformer to supply a number of work stations is not recommended

With the secondary extra-low-voltage output and relatively high and constantly varying load currents (V=I²R volt drop) it will be found that the terminal voltage at each work station will be constantly varying (caused by the variations at the other work stations) making it extremely difficult for students to obtain sensible and repeatable , meter readings and test results

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