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3R9-3-100R : : 3 phase Primary Starting Resistance-image

3R9-3-100R : : 3 phase Primary Starting Resistance

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Price: $82 + Freight & handling + GST

This set of three resistors are used to demonstrate the “Primary Resistance” method of reduced voltage starting of 3 phase Induction motors

The voltage is reduced to 80%

Note, in practice, the use of the ‘Primary resistance’ starter is a more cost efficient choice for reduced voltage starting of squirrel cage induction motors (SCIM). When a reduced starting voltage between full voltage(100%, or D.O.L.) and 80% of full voltage is required.

This is based on the ‘ratio’ of; the actual cost of the ‘Primary Resistance’ starter; to the cost of the energy dissipated (losses) within the starter (i.e. the resistors) during the motor staring sequence, when compared to that of the ‘Auto-Transformer’ starter.

For reduced starting voltages of 80%, and below, this cost ‘ratio’ (efficiency) swings in favour of the Auto-Transformer’ starter.


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