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3610-0-T001 : Power Supply - Regulated, 0 > 36Vdc, 10A-image

3610-0-T001 : Power Supply - Regulated, 0 > 36Vdc, 10A

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Price: $1026 + Freight & handling + GST

This is a 0>36 Vdc Regulated power supply

Used where voltage above 24 Vdc required

Regulated switching mode dc power supply
Light weight and small in size using switching technology
Provides 360 watts of clean power
The output voltage is controlled with two high resolution potentiometers. one for course control and the other for fine precise voltage settings

a wide ac input voltage 108-132V(for 120V) and 196-264V(for 230V)
High frequency operation reduces the size of power transformer
small size, light weight and high power in small area
Efficiency is greater than 72%
Automatic control for voltage and constant current modes
Zero adjustment for the output of voltage and current.


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