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090206-614 : Coupling - metal - 14mm Bore-image

090206-614 : Coupling - metal - 14mm Bore

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Price: $22 + Freight & handling + GST

Coupling – Metal

Bore: 14m diam,
suitable for metric 71 Frame motors
For safety reasons all rotating machines are sold with a metal coupling fitted

The couplings outside diameter and length are designed to be comfortably and safely gripped in the palm of the hand to enable the student to stall the machines in the “locked Rotor” position so as to physically feel the locked rotor torque of the machines under various starting modes.

The six(6) drive holes on the face of the coupling are the same diameter and are on the same pitch-circle-diameter (PCD) as the former Betts coupling . Thus the coupling is fully compatible with the Betts equipment.

Other non-standard bore sizes can be produced.

Please request a quote stating the required bore size.

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