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71-20-FRP001 : For/Rev(Plug Brake) Induction Motor Module(Manual)-image

71-20-FRP001 : For/Rev(Plug Brake) Induction Motor Module(Manual)


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Price: $300 + Freight & Handling + GST


This is a Manual SCIM : Forward-Stop-Reverse(Plug Brake) Motor Starter

This is a stand alone module is used in conjunction with the 3 phase Squirrel Cage Induction motor(SCIM) (Product Code: 71-3-L004)


The Starter can be used as a “Manual 3 phase Forward/Reverse switch”, &/or


to manually demonstrate “Plug Braking”, in either of two modes

  1. Plug Braking with Full Voltage(i.e. Max. Braking Current), or
  2. Plug Braking with current limiting resistance

For best braking effect the 3 phase SCIM should be fitted with the Inertia Wheel Coupling (Product Code: 130712/614)

Click below for CCT diagram

20200526 Plug brake-reverse 

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