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71-1-Cpf001 Capacitor - External Bank-Power Factor Correction-image

71-1-Cpf001 Capacitor - External Bank-Power Factor Correction

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Price: $450 + Freight & handling + GST

This is an external adjustable capacitor bank for used with the Capacitor Motor 71-3-T001-A 71-1-Cpf001 CapStart pf correction Diag

When connected in parallel with the Capacitor Start motor the motors running Power factor(pf) can be improved

Capacitance can be adjusted in steps of 10uf between 10 to 100uf pf correction table

Used in conjunction with the Power Meter(MI 7033) enables the recording and tabulation of the best results

This meter is a multipurpose Power Meter enabling all readings (W, I, V & pf) to be concurrently read using the one instrument. This eliminates unacceptable result irregularities created when using ’unmatched’ individual watt, volt & ampere meters of unknown accuracy

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