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55-3-Z005 : Power supply - 3 phase, Variable Frequency Drive-image

55-3-Z005 : Power supply - 3 phase, Variable Frequency Drive

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Price: $1400 + Freight & handling + GST

3 phase Variable frequency drive

Input: 3ph, 41.5 Vac, 50Hz
Output: 3 ph, variable 0>41.5, 0>200Hz. 10A

This variable speed drive is suitable for all types of loads, producing greater motor torque over the full speed range with unique “Flux Pulse” control algorithm

Variable Torque Loads:
Quite motor operation (Audible frequency adjusted from 2 to 16kHz);
110% full overload capacity from 0>200Hz

Controlled ramp from 0,1 sec to 1 min:

Able to start into a high inertia load rotating at full speed without damage;
PID control for automatic process control;

Energy savings with speed reduction;
Soft stop to reduce water hammer problems

Constant Torque Loads:
Flux plus for torque maximisation

150%-175% full overload capacity from 0>200Hz;

Automatic Boost and slip compensation for fluctuating loads;

Dynamic Braking for rapid deceleration of high inertia loads (optional);

Configurable Analog & Data I/O

Zener manual p18

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