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3P-3-100L : Starter : 3 phase Auto(Compesator) Transformer-image

3P-3-100L : Starter : 3 phase Auto(Compesator) Transformer

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Price: $1176 + Freight & handling + GST

This is a 3 phase Auto Transformer, its primary function is to provide 80%, 65%, or 50% reduced starting voltage for the 3 phase Induction motor (71-3-L004-A).

This set of 3 auto transformers may be used, in conjunction with the 3 phase induction motor (71-3-L004-A) to demonstrate a method of 3 phase reduced voltage starting

This method of reduced voltage starting in known as either an:

Auto-Transformer Starter (the American term – refers to the type of transformer), or a
Compensator Starter (the English term – refers to the function of the transformer)

The transformers may be connected in either of two common configurations:
1. three (3) leg starter (i.e. one auto transformer in each of the 3 phases), Star(Y) connection; or
2. Two(2) leg starter (i.e. one auto transformer in only two(2) of the phases). Open Delta()

Reduced voltages of 80%, 65%, or 50% may be selected

The transformer may be used to demonstrate either the:
1. Auto-Transformer(Compensator) Starter (i.e. Open-transition); or
2. Korndorfer Starter (i.e.Closed-circuit transition)
Note, the auto transformers have been designed to withstand the momentary short-circuit current which circulates within the auto-transformer during the closed-circuit transition stage from start to run

The auto-transformers can also be used to demonstrate the “single-wound” (non-isolating) ‘step-up’ or ‘step-down’ auto-transformer.

Also, the “DANGER” of using the “single-wound”(non-isolating) auto-transformer to ‘step-down’ voltage can be demonstrated (i.e. common section of the transformer winding accidentally going ‘open-circuit’ during operation)

120808-1 Auto transformer circuit diagram

120808-2 Auto transformer circuit diagram

Further, the student ‘must’ be made ‘very-aware’ of the, potentially fatal, “DANGER” of incorrectly connecting the common terminal on a variable voltage regulator (e.g. Variac™) which is simply an auto-transformer with a sliding (variable) secondary tap.

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